Wendy and Mary

A Word from Wendy & Mary…

We were two horse wranglers at a camp in Southern California when we met, young college girls and fellow musicians, but most of all friends. Our musical styles were completely different (Mary came from a country background and Wendy classical). Something magical and God inspired happened when we played our guitars and sang together. We wrote, we played, we toured…and we were always surprised at how God led us.

In 1985 we started families of our own. Though we never officially “broke up,” it was evident God was leading us in different directions. Mary pursued children’s family music and Wendy went on to do a solo album as well as her artistic projects. Little did we know, 27 years later God would have us do a “retro” album of our favorite songs.

In the summer of 1995 we again collaborated our efforts, but in a surprising way to both of us. Mary was approached by Crossway Publishers to publish her songs into quality children’s books. Knowing the type of art they were looking for, Mary had no trouble convincing them to use Wendy’s incredible illustrations. Thus came the introduction of three wonderful children’s books. Brainstorming that summer, we spent countless hours playing guitars and singing together in Mary’s bathroom, the place with the best acoustics in the house! Realizing we really missed the 20 years apart (Wendy now in Colorado and Mary still in California), we hoped, Lord willing, God would provide an opportunity to sing together again in a new and fresh way.

As the internet opened up, it became apparent that many people were searching for the three “Wendy and Mary” LPs and CDs that were no longer available. As we prayed and discussed a “best of" album we joked about that amazing summer with our junior high daughters as they sprawled on the bathroom floor hearing us “live” for the first time. After all these years, we knew singing together would once again be “God inspired.” Through this project we have learned just how true these words are: “We really do need each other.”